Last-Second Shot Doesn’t Fall in Plainsmen Loss

Last-Second Shot Doesn’t Fall in Plainsmen Loss

 Jan. 22, 2019, Sterling, Colo. — In their third conference game in seven days, the Plainsmen hosted the North Platte Knights, looking to bounce back after their loss last week. The men knew what they needed to do against the Knights to be successful, and just needed to execute. Both teams are talented, so whoever could stay disciplined would win. 

The Knights did a good job at scouting the Plainsmen as they anticipated many aspects of their offense. Nonetheless, Northeastern calmed down and read what the Knights gave them and found open men. The Plainsmen had opportunities to score, but the ball just couldn't find the bottom of the net. Although the halftime score read 48-36 with Northeastern slightly behind, the game felt much closer by how the teams were playing. 

The second half began and Northeastern regained their focused. The men were able to get a few points back right away, but the Knights again took back their lead they had at half. Northeastern was able to get the lid off the rim after a cold streak when Andrew Ferrin made a left-hand baby hook. Although the Plainsmen were not able to close the gap, more of their shots were falling that weren't earlier. With 10 minutes remaining in the game, Northeastern found a spark by an and-one by Tre Lewis, which brought them within three. Not long after, the Plainsmen went ahead to lead by three. 

With less than five minutes to go, Northeastern needed to stay sound and continue to play Plainsmen basketball. As time progressed, the teams battled for the lead, and both teams had their moments of having it. With less than a minute to go, the Plainsmen committed a foul, which allowed the Knights to go up by one. With less than 20 seconds left in the game, Northeastern had possession of the ball to get the final shot. An out-of-bounds play was drew up, but the shot came up short, resulting to Northeastern to foul. The Knights only led by one, and their first-made free throw put them up by two. The second shot missed, and Ryan Bagley took off with it. He was able to get down to the other end and put up a great shot before the buzzer sounded. The ball headed towards the rim, but bounced off the back, and the Plainsmen lost 80-78. 

Northeastern will be back at home on Friday, Jan 25. as they host McCook Community College.