Trojans Invade Northeastern

Trojans Invade Northeastern

The Plainsmen played host to the Trinidad State Trojans for their first game of Region IX Divisional play.  The game was shaping up to be a good one due to tournament standings being on the line.  The Plainsmen knew this team would not be a slouch, so they had to bring their game to defeat them.

Right from the start, the more physical Trojans were able to attack and break down the Plainsmen defense.  The guys knew they had to match their aggression to be able to stay with them throughout the game.  Coach David Groves wanted to make sure that they played within their own game, but still kept the heat on, as the Trojans were doing the same.

As the game progressed, the first half horn would blow at a 0-0 tie, which proved everything that this game was set up to be; a dandy.

In the second half, the Plainsmen had a few opportunities to attack the box, but mistimed passes prevented them from doing so.  With the Trojans attacking often and hard, they would get the first goal of the game to take the 1-0 lead.

Shortly after the goal, Clement May came out to play a ball away from the goal, and as he slid to secure the ball, a Trojan player made an aggressive play on the ball resulting in a red card.  Now with the Plainsmen having a one-player advantage, they knew it was their time to attack.

Various times NJC had great cross passes to give themselves a scoring opportunity, but the Trojans always seemed to be there to break up the play. 

As time ticked away, the one goal lead proved to be too much and the Plainsmen lost 1-0.

The men will be back in action tomorrow (Saturday September 9) at 5 pm as they host Otero JC. WEAR GOLD!