Nationally Ranked Plainsmen on Fire

Nationally Ranked Plainsmen on Fire

Sept. 26, 2018, Sterling, Colo. — Once a team becomes nationally ranked, games start meaning more. Opponents want to be the ones to hand out the loss and knock them out of rankings, but average players start making miraculous plays, and teams become a lot harder to beat. As the Plainsmen climbed the ranks in the National Junior College Athletic Association poll and to sit as No. 18 in the country, the target on their back got much bigger.

The men traveled to Cheyenne, Wyo. to play against the Laramie County Golden Eagles in a Region IX battle. The Eagles are a tough team and had the chance to hand the Plainsmen their first loss since the first week in September.

The game was a nail biter as it went into halftime tied at zero. The Plainsmen broke the ice in the 62nd minute as Jean Carre scored and Arthur Prunis earned the assist. That goal tied Carre for the single-season goal record with 14 goals. Carre ties with former Plainsmen Paul Liagre, who now plays at Western Michigan.

The rest of the game Northeastern played solid defensive, and goalkeeper Luc Denisselle recorded his sixth shutout this season, giving him the single-season record as a goalkeeper for most clean sheets.

The Plainsmen extended their record to 9-3-1 on the year and will be looking at adding a few more as they host Otero and Trinidad on Sept. 28 and 29 for the final two home games of the year.