Plainswomen Get Season Underway

Plainswomen Get Season Underway

The first game against Howard College, the Plainswomen could not get the ball rolling so to speak, and found themselves struggling at the plate.  Northeastern would not have any hits, would give up five points in the first two innings.  The game would end in the fifth as Howard would defeat NJC 14-0.  Being that it was their first game of the year, the ladies knew they would have a few more games to get things rolling.

The second game would be against Clarendon College, who would prove to be tough competitors for the Plainswomen.  The first two innings, NJC would find themselves behind 5-0, but then would get hot in the fourth inning.  In the fourth, Riley Johnson would get a double, which would fire up the women.  Annaliese Cordova and Brooke King would get an RBI each, and Alicia Grauberger would chalk up two RBI's of her own.  With the score being 5-4 with the Plainswomen trailing, they knew they needed to stay solid to come away with the win.  In the bottom of the fourth, Northeastern would hold strong defensively.  In the next innings however, the Plainswomen could not get their sticks rolling, and defensively would let Clarendon get six runs.  The game would end with NJC falling 11-4.  Despite losing by seven, there were glimpses of the ladies having themselves a game.

In their third game of the trip, the Plainswomen would play Midland College, who was the host team to the classic.  Being the away team to the host would have its difficulties.  The Plainswomen would fall behind to the Chaparrals 8-0 in the second, and then 14-0 in the third.  Again, NJC would have a tough time getting points on the board despite Tiauna Brown, Kortney Perkins, and Abby Mussman getting hits.  It wasn't until the bottom of the fifth when Kortney Perkins would get the hit and the RBI to put the Plainswomen on the scoreboard.  It was too little too late as they would fall to the Chapparals 14-1.

In the fourth and final game of the trip, the Plainswomen were hoping to get one against the Cougars.  The game would stay scoreless until the second when Coastal Bend would score first to lead 1-0.  In the third, the Cougars would add three more, and then another one in the fourth before the Plainswomen would answer back.  On that inning, NJC would get two runs in to make it a 5-2 game.  In the fifth inning, the Cougars would get hot and tack on eight points.  The Plainswomen needed to get two points to keep the game alive, but was only able to get one and ending the game 13-3.  Katy Ridener would have a homerun with two RBI's and Halee Woltemath would have an RBI herself.

The ladies will be back in action in their home opener on Valentines day as they host Colby CC.