Struggles Defensively Cost Plainswomen

Struggles Defensively Cost Plainswomen

The Plainswomen softball team would have the Lamar Runnin' Lopes in town for a two-day weekend series.  This game would be a Region IX Conference game, so the ladies were hoping that their wins against North Platte on the Friday would carry over into the weekend.  Northeastern knew that Lamar was a tough team, but if they played a solid series, they would be able to get a few from them.

The first game was a tough one for the Plainswomen, with one inning being the most critical.  The game would start with the Lopes getting an early 3-0 lead, but NJC would be able cut it back with two runs of their own to make it 3-2.  From there it was all Lamar, with them adding two in the third and fifth.  In the sixth inning, LCC would get hot and add seven onto their lead, which would be their demise and fall 14-2 to Lamar.

The second game would be a much different story.  The Plainswomen would take their time to strike, but it would be too little too late.  The Lopes would keep Northeastern scoreless as they would take a 7-0 lead.  In the bottom of five was when NJC would get their first runs of the game, bringing it to a 7-2 game.  The sixth would go scoreless for both teams, then in the final inning Lamar was able to get one more.  In the bottom half of that inning, the Plainswomen would try to make their run, but would not be able to get the runs they needed and would fall 8-6.

On Sunday, it would be a new day for the ladies and they were looking to get on the right side of the scoreboard.  The Plainswomen did start the game off right by holding LCC  in the top of one, then follow it up by knocking in a run.  In the top of two, the Lopes would take the lead by getting three runs.  They would add another run in the top of three, then another three in the fourth to take the 7-1 lead.  The Plainswomen would answer the call and tack on five runs, bringing it within one.  In the next three innings, NJC would buckle down and play solid defense, then get the walk off with defeating the Lopes 8-7.

The fourth and final game was not one to be desired by the players or the coaching staff.  The Plainswomen would try to get runs, but could only get two hits throughout the entire game.  The Lopes would put together a full game and not give NJC any chances at scoring through solid defense and well timed hits.  Northeastern would go on to lose to LCC by a score of 11-0.

The Plainswomen softball team will be back in Sterling to host McCook on Wednesday March 7.  Check up regularly on the schedule for any changes that may occur if inclement weather.