Northeastern Could Not Get Hot

Northeastern Could Not Get Hot

The Plainswomen softball team would travel last week to Trinidad to play in a four game series against the Trojans.  Northeastern could not get their bats rolling in three of their games against Trinidad, but in one of them was able to get the win handily. 

The first game for Northeastern would begin with the Trojans going up one run in the bottom of the first.  The Plainsmen would get a few runs in by the top of four to tie it up two a piece.  The fourth was when the Trojans would take the lead by scoring five runs.  The Plainswomen would try to get a few of them back in the top of five, but TSJC would stop them, then add four more to make it a 11-2 ballgame.  The game would go scoreless throughout the rest of the game, and the Plainswomen would be 0-1 in the series.

Game two was a big turnaround for Northeastern.  The ladies would go ahead 2-0 before the Trojans would score in the bottom of three to make it a 2-1 game.  The next two innings were big for the Plainswomen as they would score three runs in both the fourth and fifth innings, while Trinidad would only get one.  With the score now being 8-2, NJC just had to keep playing solid defense to be able to get the win.  The women would do just that as they would get two more runs to the Trojans one, finishing the game on top with a score of 10-3.  The series would now be a split with each team winning one each.

Day two was anyone's day to see who could get the series advantage.  The first game would start with the Plainswomen getting a huge energy burst to begin the game as they would take the 6-0 lead going into the bottom of the third.  In the bottom half of that inning however, the Trojans would take a massive cut out of their lead by scoring four runs.  The lead would change hands in the bottom of the fourth as the Trojans would add five runs to their score to now make it a 9-6 game.  The only scoring that would happen in the last innings was when Trinidad would get one last run in the bottom of six.  The game would end 10-6 in favor of the Trojans, which left the last game for the Plainswomen to make a run.

The final game did not go how the Plainswomen would have liked.  Right away the Trojans would take a 6-0 lead in the first inning, but NJC would get some back by scoring two in the second.  In the bottom of the second, TSJC would get the two runs back from the Plainswomen and add a few more as they would score seven runs.  Northeastern would try and get the momentum back, but were unable to do so, and would fall in the final game 15-2.

The Plainswomen will get another shot at them on Thursday April 5 as they host the Trojans here in Sterling.