Softball Splits With Colby

Softball Splits With Colby

In their second to last home series of the season, the Plainswomen would host the Colby CC Trojans.  The first game would be a 14-9 win, and the second would be a 7-2 defeat.  The girls were looking to keep their morale high before hosting the WNCC Cougars for their final home stand, and this game helped them do that.

The first game, Northeastern would fall behind 3-0 as the Trojans would hit a home run to take the lead.  The ladies would make their run and get the lead back in the bottom of the first.  Riley Johnson would hit a two-run single that would tie the game at three.  Annaliese Cordova would get a single, then Makaila Chadwick would get a RBI single to give the Plainswomen the 4-3 lead.  Northeastern would get their sticks rolling with Katy Ridener hitting a RBI single by scoring in Natalie Searle who was on third by hitting a triple. Alicia Grauberger would get two runs in, then Riley Johnson would hit a homer.  The onslaught of points would make it a 9-3 game, but the top of three the Trojans would make it a 9-4 game.  Another rambling off points would occur in the bottom of the third when Gracie Cordova hit a RBI double, then Brooke King would smash a three-run homer.  With the game now at 13-4, NJC just had to keep their cool and play solid defense.  Colby would start to make a run at the lead in the top of the fifth by scoring two runs before a pitching change was made.  Makaila Chadwick would be replaced by Erin Hersey, and would give up three runs off a three shot home run.  Although the home run gave the Trojans some life, the Plainswomen shut it down, then would add one more run before game end to finish it at 14-9.

The second game was starting off well before starting pitcher Lindsay Neiderkorn would take a line drive off her calf early in the game, sidelining her for the remainder of the game.  Her replacement, Leah Osborn would come in and pitch, and would do a very nice job.  The Plainswomen were playing well, but the Trojan's small ball game would haunt NJC and impact the remainder of the game.  Colby would lay down a push bunt past the pitcher, and into the hole of second base.  The Plainswomen's bunt coverage would leave that spot open, and Colby found it and exposed it on that one play.  The result of that one bunt would score in three runs as Annaliese Cordova was forced to field the ball all the way from right field.  The Trojans would make it a 7-0 game, as one player would hit a homer to score another three runs.  That barrage of points would make it tough for the Plainswomen to come back from, but Gracie Cordova would hit a two-run single to put NJC on the board.  Those two runs would be it for Northeastern and would fall to the Trojans 7-2.

Head coach Tom Myers was quoted in the Journal Advocate, ""We're just trying to add wins and do things that we haven't ever done in this program's history.  "That's kind of been our main goal is to keep grinding away and add those things for our program."

Northeastern will head to play Adams State JV on April 16 and 17 before returning home for Sophomore day against Western Nebraska on April 18.