Softball Battles Against Trinidad to Get One

Softball Battles Against Trinidad to Get One

In a four-game home series, the Plainswomen softball team hosted the Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC) Trojans. Northeastern has struggled recently in some games, so getting a few conference wins could help tremendously. With four games on the bill, the ladies prepared to play.

The first day of games did not pan out well for Northeastern as they were unable to get their bats going. The Trojans scored early on the ladies, and Northeastern battled to make a comeback. The Plainswomen could get players on base but never could get said players across the plate. The first game the ladies fell 4-0.

The second game was much like the first where Northeastern could not get players across the plate. Once again, the Plainswomen could get players on base but struggled with their bats. Northeastern went on to lose game two to the Trojans 2-0.

The second day brought new light for the Plainswomen. They got their bats together and extended the first game into extra innings. In the bottom of seven with TSJC leading 5-2, Northeastern scored three runs to push the eighth inning. In extras, Trinidad got hot and Northeastern didn't have an answer and lost 7-5.

With the Plainswomen making progress between days, they continued it in game four and won 12-7. A couple of great hits and extending extra bases, Northeastern finally played how they wanted to. The win on the fourth game put their series record against the Trojans 2-4.

The Plainswomen will have a long weekend ahead of them beginning Thursday as they travel to Scottsbluff, Neb. To play against Western Nebraska before returning home on Friday and Saturday when they play Lamar and McCook.