Heritage Hills Proves To Be A Challenging Course

Heritage Hills Proves To Be A Challenging Course

The men's and women's golf team traveled to McCook, NE to play at the Heritage Hills Golf Course for another conference marked tournament.  The women have been on a hot streak lately and were looking to top the leaderboards once again.  Each week for the men, they have been climbing the leaderboards trying to crack into the top two spots.

In day one of the tournament, the entire pack were very tightly grouped for both the men and women, with only five strokes separating the vast majority of everyone.  It would prove to be day two of who would pull ahead or fall behind.

In day two, many moves were made and stokes were saved through the rolling landscape of Heritage Hills.  The men would eventually end up in third place and the women would finish second, which is the first time they had not been first.


Women - NJC 434-434--- 868 (+292)

Baily Kreider 105-115—220

Caitlyn Jacobs 103-99—202  

Jessica Salazar 102-112—214  

Rachel Rael 124-108—232


Northeastern JC 321-321---642 (+66)

Bradon Baxter 80-76—156

Brett Mattson 81-79—160

Bryce Bivins 84-NC—NC

Logan Wood 80-82—162

Tate Higgins 80-84—164