Northeastern Finishes Fall Season

Northeastern Finishes Fall Season

Oct. 16, 2018, Sterling, Colo. – The Northeastern golf team finished their fall season this past weekend by competing in Lamar, Colo. in the Lamar Community College tournament. The weather has not been ideal for golf for Northeastern to practice in, by thankfully the weather cooperated when they traveled to play in this tournament. 

The Plainswomen golf team has been solid all year. They have been consistent and are always good to finish second. Each tournament they finish behind a strong Central Wyoming team, but each week they close the gap in total strokes. Right now the Plainswomen lock down the second spot overall in the region as the first half of season concludes. Individual scores for the tournament are as follows: 

In the last few tournaments, the men have been competing well and have finished in third. They have been trying to work their way up in the overall rankings to finish third overall. This tournament gave them the opportunity to move up from fourth. Scores for the tournament are as follows: 

  • Brett Mattson - 8th Place, 75/77
  • Logan Wood - 18th Place, 80/79
  • Tate Higgins - 21st Place, 85/76
  • Codey Smith - 23rd Place, 79/83
  • Sam Ostravich - 24th Place, 87/77
  • Tanner Wilmes - 30th Place, 91/82 

The Northeastern golf team take a break for the winter months and practice in their indoor facility until they return to the links on March 21 as they travel back to Lamar.